Fruit and vegetable production in Ukraine: technologies and equipment. Export Promotion Event in Ukraine


Fertile soils, comparatively low wages and lease burden as well as favourable taxations have made Ukrainian agricultural market attractive to traders and investors. For a further production increase and thus the growth of agricultural export of Ukraine one should not underestimate the role of technical equipment for modern agriculture. Therefore, in spite of ongoing turbulences in general policy and unstable economic conditions, large and medium-sized companies are investing in the agricultural sector to conquer new market shares in the agricultural and nutritional sector.

The Ukrainian market of fruit and berry products is developing rapidly. Almost 100% of total volumes of fruit and berry products are produced in Ukraine through open-air cultivation. Market capacity currently comprises 190-200 thousand tons or 240-290 million euros, the growth rate of the market is 2-4% per year. In addition, the production of frozen berries has been particularly active in the last 5 years: the Ukrainian producers are taking third place in the world. About 75% of all frozen berries (cranberries, blueberries, blackberries) are exported to EU and USA.

Russian market foreclosure and Agreement of Association between EU and Ukraine have given additional incentive for Ukrainian agricultural companies to improve the quality of agricultural production and to implement new technologies and solutions. Nowadays the demand for agrochemicals, modern farming equipment and seeds is great. It offers good business opportunities for foreign companies in transfer of knowledge and technology or possibility to find new cooperation partners in Ukraine.


Kyiv and Dnipro, Ukraine.

Who for?

B2B Event is aimed at equipment producers and technology providers for fruit and vegetable production, storage and packaging, processing of fruit and vegetables, seed and agrochemical producers, freezing technologies.

Who is invited from Ukrainian side?

Firms, authorities representatives and eventual customers at the decision-makers level, who are looking for new technologies and equipment for fruit and vegetable production and processing: agricultural enterprises, representatives of local authorities and associations, trade enterprises etc.

Participation advantages

  • Opportunity to present Your products and services for Ukrainian customers direct and build first contacts with consumers and partners
  • Professional overview of Ukrainian fruit and vegetable market, existing demand and opportunities for your company through company visits and discussions with experts
  • Practical tips for foreign companies from Ukrainian experts on the topic of Doing Business and negotiations practice in Ukraine

Event language

English/German, Interpretation from Ukrainian to English/German