Organic vegetables and fruit import from Ukraine: B2B trip for trade enterprises and distributors


In recent years Ukrainian agricultural market develops very rapidly. Rich soils and favorable climate conditions allow Ukrainian agricultural companies to produce high-quality products at a relatively low cost level. Large investments have begun to seek in agricultural sector not long ago, and this market segment becomes nowadays very attractive for international traders and investors.

Most of the agricultural companies in Ukraine, which produce organic vegetables and fruit, are large-scale enterprises with an area of 3 400 ha per unit. Currently this market segment has also become interesting for medium-sized companies – already more than 350 Ukrainian SMEs are busy with organic farming. In 2016 more than 410 550 ha were managed according to ecological guidelines in Ukraine. Due to expert expectations organic farming will increase by more than 10% in 2017. Nowadays organic certification of plants in Ukraine is validated by European inspection agencies and according to European standards.

Ukrainian agricultural companies are mainly focused on organic farming because the demand for organic products in Europe has steadily increased thanks to the popularization of healthy lifestyle. Fresh and frozen berries and vegetables from Ukraine are in demand at trade companies of organic products in EU and it strongly motivates Ukrainian agricultural companies to expand their production capacities.


Kyiv and Cherkasy, Ukraine

Who for?

B2B Event is aimed at trade enterprises and distributors, which import and sells organic fruit and vegetables in EU.

Who is invited from Ukrainian side?

All certified Ukrainian organic vegetables and fruit producers which meet interests of trade companies and distributors from EU.

Participation advantages

  • Direct access to Ukrainian producers of organic fruit and vegetables
  • Possibility to get the most favorable price from producers
  • Support in the negotiation process
  • Professional overview of Ukrainian market of organic product on site, existing production capacities and supply

Event language

English/German, Interpretation from Ukrainian to English/German